Wallace McCrea, the Company Manager of Turnright Galloway, was born in Galloway. Educated in Southampton, Wallace trained as a toolmaker and prototype engineer making parts for the electronic industry, telecommunications and Health & Safety, (including hearing aids and contact lenses).  In 2001 he moved back to Scotland, bought some land and designed and built his own home overlooking the sea and the Galloway Hills.

Turnright Galloway started as a small business located in the rolling Hills of Galloway in South West Scotland. Set up in 2002, the business expanded in 2004 when Wallace McCrea started working in conjunction with Jackson Rifles. Turnright Galloway has now expanded further throughout the UK and its customer base has grown to include Jackson Rifles, Forest Lodge Guns, RUAG, Alan Rhone, Jon Snowden, Field & Stream (NI), J.L Shelton and many other valued customers.

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Turnright Galloway - Specialist Firearms Engineering

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