A very compact, ultra-lightweight Moderator. Made in the UK Keeps cooler for longer with increased accuracy on calibres from .17 to .22 Magnum Rimfire Rifles, Air & CO2 Weapons.

Aluminium 6063T6 grade: normally used in construction – corrosion resistant.
Weight: 60g
Length: 122 mm
Diameter: 21 mm
Sound Suppression: minus 20dB(A) or more. (ref: US Mil-Std-1474D)TG-Rimfire

For UK sales. Moderator Known as TG-60 or TG-XS.
Ruag Ammotec Uk Ltd
Tel; 01579 362319

For Export, Ireland Sales. Moderator known as TG Rimfire or TG-XS.
Field & Stream
Tel 028 8778 9533 .


An article by Bruce Potts on sound moderators which includes my TG-XS moderator:

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